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Seat launched electric scooters and e-motorcycles

Seat launched electric scooters and e-motorcycles

January 01, 2020

As a member of the VW Group, Seat has recently announced that it will enter the two-wheeled scooter market besides its auto products. The electric concept locomotive e-Scooter and electric scooters were exhibited at the Smart City Expo.

With the rise of environmental awareness and the rise of energy technology, the mode of movement between vehicles and two points has changed. For reducing air pollution through the energy system, on the other hand, to alleviate traffic congestion in cities, many startup brands or Traditional auto makers have launched electric scooters to provide consumers with short-range transportation. In addition, Seat, who was a member of the VW Group, also exhibited electric motorcycles at the Smart City Expo.

VW Seat also launched electric motorcycles, not even electric scooters.

Although e-Scooter is still a concept car, in fact, the overall design and maturity are quite close to production cars. The Seat e-Scooter is equipped with an electric motor that can provide 15hp horsepower, and the peak torque of 24.5kgm is also the same as the current 125c. .c. Fuel vehicles are comparable. In addition, it can accelerate to 50km / h and 100km / h in 3.8 seconds, and the consumer cares most the battery range can go 115 kilometers. Various data performance and practicability can replace fuel vehicles. Consumers can charge it directly or take out the battery and charge it at home.

Seat Moped Scooter is not a single product or fights alone in the market. Due to the change of vehicle form, in addition to sharing connections with cars, the VW Group will also provide resources integration services to make Electric Scooter thrive And build the group's electric army step by step.