Biggest Sale! Order D3M now to get headlight & taillight, griptape, bumper for FREE! Value together $77!

Koowheel D3M Gen.2 ONLY $599

Koowheel D3M Gen.2 ONLY $599

January 04, 2020

Koowheel D3M Gen.2 on Big Sale!

Koowheel skateboard has been around for five years since its birth in 2015. From D3M 1st generation to 1.5 to D3M Gen.2, many improvements and upgrades have been made, product performance is constantly improved, and third generation products are coming soon. To celebrate the five-year birthday of Koowheel D3M and the release of the D3M PRO, and also feedback users for their support and tolerance. In return we reduced the D3M Gen.2 retail price from $ 649 to $ 599. An extra piece of sandpaper, a pair of bumper strips, and a taillight will also be given away.

Thank you again for your support.

Koowheel Skateboard