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Koowheel Hovershoes: Revolutionary 2.0 Hoverboard - Free Shipping & Tax - USA Stocks


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🚚USA Stock / 3-5 Days DeliveryWhy should you try a Hovershoes?

1, 👉 Hovershoes are much more fun than Hoverboard.
Unlike Hoverboard, The 2 wheels of Hovershoes are separate, like roller skates.
This unique design make the Hovershoes much more flexible and super fun.
You can do or dance as many moves as you want with its flexibility. To the contrary, Hoverboard are very clumsy.
2, 👉 Hovershoes are a Revolutionary product.
You will get lots of head-turning from Goddess, Prince Charming and Angel Children when you riding Hovershoes.
But Hoverboard are an old fashioned and outdated products. It has not changed anything over the years. Hoverboard have already lost its attraction and Freshness.
3, 👉 Hovershoes are very very easy to learn.
Hovershoes are self balancing, just like hoverboard. It takes you less than 30 minutes to learn the Hovershoes. You will definitely know how to play Hovershoes, if you can ride a Hoverboard.
It will keep you balance automatically and will not let you fall off. 
4, 👉 Hovershoes are an excellent gift for your friends, family and the one you love.
It is unique. It is fashionable. It is new in 2018. It is fun. It is a head-turning invention. it is a revolutionary product.
5,👉Warranty Guarantee & Quality Guarantee 👍⚠️(important and necessary). Only orders from us, get the solid Guarantee.👍⚠️ We have lots of repair station in USA and Europe.

Hovershoes unboxing👇:

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  • Name: Hovershoes, Hoverskates, Electric Freeline Skates, Electric Roller Skates, eskates.
  • Battery Power: 54wh/each
  • Motor Power: 250w/each
  • Load Range: 10-130kg/22-176lbs
  • Full Charge Range: 8km
  • Max Speed: 8km/h
  • Max Permissible Gradient: 9°
  • Working Temperature: -10℃ - 40℃
  • Waterproof: IP65
  • Charging Input: AC100-220V
  • Charging Output: 29.4V*1A
  • Full Charge Time: 1.5h
  • N.W.: 3.3kg/each
  • Tire Outer Diameter: 3.5inch
  • Certification: CE, RoHS, FCC, UN38.3
  • Airplane Allowed


    • 1* Hovershoes (1 Pair)
    • 1* Bag
    • 1* Charger
    • 1* User Manual


          Europe and USA Repair Center Guaranteed.

          Convenient and Fast Get Your Warranty.

    1. All Koowheel hovershoes or electric roller freeline skates come standard with 365-Day Warrant for Europe and USA which covers any manufacturing defects.
    2. Koowheel hovershoes or electric roller freeline skates are using the best configuration of motors, controllers, and batteries. We test all individual parts and run each Koowheel hovershoes or electric roller freeline skates for 250 minutes before delivery.
    3. We will always diagnose and help under warranty.
    4. We reply to all questions within 2 days about Koowheel hovershoes or electric roller freeline skates.

    Any questions?  📧Email us: