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Koowheel D3M 3nd Coming!

July 19, 2020

Koowheel Pro D3M Gen 3 Coming

Technology is unpredictable when it comes to the advancements. Technology has gone too far that now it feels like the advancements seem unbelievable. Technology has managed to leave its drastic effect on every aspect of the life, whether related to medicine, education or sports.

In the same way, technology has been successful to make its way in the sports good manufacturing company.  Before this time, people used to  enjoy sports goods and sports vehicle without the touch of technology. But now, there isn't a single sports good or sports vehicle without the touch of technology. And people are loving the technology effect on the sports goods. For instance, manual scooters or manual skateboards did not get as much hype as the automatic skateboards and automatic scooters. The effect of technology does not only increase the efficiency of the scooter or skateboard but it also enhances the features and advancements of the scooter or skateboard.

If we talk about electric skateboards, they are very trendy among the teenagers and kids. Manual skateboards are just not enough for the Gen Z. They want a touch of technology in everything, even if it is a skateboards. That is why, Koowheel came into existence to build the most advanced electric skateboards.

Koowheel- History

Koowheel company is a reputable electric skateboard company, which was established in 2009. The main niche of the Koowheel's company is to manufacture the safest and trendiest electric self-balancing skateboards in the market. Koowheel D3M is known for their safety, security and durability of the electric self-balancing skateboards.

Koowheel - Brand Awareness

Koowheel started to manufacture the electric short-distance vehicles in 2014. Since then, Koowheel has an expertise of putting the best technology in the self-balancing scooters and skateboards to make them more efficient and playable.

The product range of Koowheel includes a diverse collection of automatic or electric scooters, 2 wheel automatic self-balancing scooters for adults and teenagers and 4-wheels electric self-balancing skateboard.

The products of Koowheel are sampled, tried, tested and manufactured in the main warehouse, located in Shenzhen, China. Each manufacturing part is first tried, samples and then manufactured in the electric self-balancing scooters and skateboards. Every part is checked and inspected by quality assurance team to provide full safety and security to the electric skateboard and scooter users.

Moreover, the Koowheel's products are energy efficient and environmental friendly. All the Koowheel products use an energy efficient power supple to charge. This makes them less dependent on the use of oil. Koowheel products do not use any non renewable energy, which makes them eco-friendly, environmental friendly and energy-efficient.  You can cover short distances on the Koowheel's automatic skateboard or scooter, without having to use any gas or fuel.

Koowheel- Reputation Act

Koowheel is a reputed manufacturer of electric self-balancing skateboards and scooters in Shenzhen, China. The Koowheel manufacturing and sampling team consists of 32 engineers and more than 600 workers.  Koowheel specializes in manufacturing electric scooters which cover a distance of 32000 meters.  Moreover, more than 20,000-30,000 pieces of electric self-balancing skateboards and scooters are manufactured weekly in the Koowheel's warehouse.

There's no doubt on the authenticity of the company. Koowheel welcomes partners and sponsors from all around the world to visit Koowheel's warehouse. It is an authentic and an authorized company, and various certifications and verifications are the proof of the company's good reputation since its establishment.  Koowheel possess various certificated of conformity as a proof of its authorizations and reputation.

Koowheel Latest Range Of Products

Koowheel is now integrating advanced technology in its products to manufacture the safest and the most efficient,  Hover shoes,  Kick scooters,  Electric skateboards and power-assist  Kid scooters.

Koowheel D3m 3nd Release

Koowheel D3M Generation 3 is releasing soon. Previously, the company had released Koowheel D3M Generation 2 and Koowheel Pro D3M Generation 1 and both of the electric skateboards were a massive success.

Just after a few days or so, Koowheel is releasing Pro D3M Generation 3 with even better and advanced features and capabilities. They have made the enhancements and improvements based on the previous model of the electric skateboard.

The Features/ Advancements In Koowheel Pro D3m Generation 3

Two Speed Modes

Just like the 2nd generation, the 3rd generation has two speed modes but with even better options and flexibility to change the speed modes according to your weight and the surface you are riding the skateboard on. It has two speed modes, advanced mode and the normal mode. The advanced mode top speed is more than 24.8 mph. The normal mode top speed is more than 18 mph. All you have to do it click the remote button 5 times in a row to unlock the top speed of the skateboard.

Canadian Maple Deck

The 7 layered- Canadian maple layers provide the riders with a wider and a much more flexible board than the generation 2 electric skateboard. The maple panels are made of sturdy Canadian material to endure any weight and to be used on any surface. After the grinding and CNC trimming process, the board is manufactured without splicing.  It provides the rider with more traction while riding the soon-to-be-released generation 3 D3M Koowheel electric skateboard.

Replaceable Wheels

Koowheel Pro D3M generation 3 comes with the feature of replaceable PU wheels for a good riding experience.  The sturdy material wheels and the board platform are sure to enhance the stability of the rider while riding the self-balancing electric skateboard.


It is battery convenient. It would take you less than 15 seconds to change the battery.

Proficient Customer Service

The all new soon-to-be-released Koowheel Pro D3M generation 3 comes with 100% money back guarantee upon dissatisfaction. Moreover, the package also includes service maintenance.

Improvements In The Koowheel Pro D3m Generation 3

It has a totally new design, with a battery board and a PCB board on either sides of the back of the skateboard. This provides stability while riding.

It has a safety discharge device. It can discharge the power when you are riding the skateboard down the hill with fully charged batteries.  This provides a safe riding experience for the rider when going down the hill.

It comes with a removable battery with connectors. It provides a very stable battery connection.

The Motor power is 550 Watts * 2, it's like a MONSTER! Much more powerful than the Gen.2

It comes with a USB charging port with a power bank feature.

The all new skateboard comes with replaceable PU wheels.


Koowheel Pro D3M Generation 3 is the most advanced electric skateboard of its type. It ensures complete rider's safety with improved and advanced features than the previous model, Koowheel Pro D3M Generation 2.