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Koowheel Battery For Koowheel Electric Skateboard Gen.2.5 (Gen.2 upgrade), 4 battery port

Koowheel Skateboard

Battery Capacity Options

Koowheel D3M Battery for Gen.2.5, not for Gen.1 or Gen.2 or Gen.3! Suitable for orders since #1479

Please kind note that since order #1479, orders are koowheel D3M 2.5nd, not D3M Gen.2, battery port upgrades to 4 port from 2.

It's battery for Koowheel D3M Gen.2 ONLY, not suitable for Gen.1 or Genesis board.

Battery: imported Samsung Battery

Battery Capacity: 5000mAh, 36V

Battery port: 4

Battery Quality Level: High

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