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Koowheel Motherboard Kooboard For Koowheel Electric Skateboard Gen 2/V2

Koowheel Electric Skateboard


Notice: Original Koowheel Mainboard Motherboard For Koowheel Electric Skateboard Gen 2 V2

Only Compatible With Koowheel electric skateboard Gen2, V2.

If you are not sure about the version of your Koowheel electric skateboard and not sure about whether your board is compatible with this mainboard, Please contact us before order.

We are not responsible for the wrong order.

Check the video how to change the motherboard for koowheel skateboard

How to change koowheel skateboard d3m gen 2 motherboard.

1, Take off trucks, Tear off grip,

2, Take away old motherboard,

3, Put on new motherboard, put silver signal cable in the deck groove, stick it, lock motherboard,

4, Assemble rear truck on and connect the motor cable to motherboard,

5, Assemble front truck,

6, Stick a new grip.


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