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Koowheel Skateboard VS INBOARD: which one do you prefer?

Koowheel Skateboard VS INBOARD: which one do you prefer?

December 25, 2019

Koowheel D3M Gen.2 Brushless hub motor advantages

After learning the electric skateboard in the market for now, I found more and more brushless hub motors system electric skateboard brand emerged, for hub motors have Some benefits over belt systems, e.g. Less Drag/You can kick push hub motors/Brakes Better/Hub Motors weight less/Simpler design=Less Maintenance/Quiter hub motors. That’s all enough for me choosing a hub motor electric skateboard for commuting.

Today, from Hub motor sytems brand, we will compare the typical 2 brands today, Koowheel Onyx Kooboard and Inboard M1.

Model M1 Kooboard Electric Skateboard
Battery Capacity 43.2V, 2250mAh 37V, 5500mAh (Max 42.5V)
Dimensions 270*95*25mm 362*112.6*25.5mm
Weight 0.81kg


Battery Lifetime 1000 times+ 1500 times
Battery pack   Metal Material, Detachable
Motor Type 500watts*2 350watts*2
Dual-driver Brushless Wheel-hub Motor Dual-driver Brushless Wheel-hub Motor
Rated Max Speed 8km/h--22km/h 30km/h
Released Max Speed 32km/h--38km/h 43km/h
PCB Type Inboard customized mainboard Koowheel customized mainboard
Whole Board Net weight 6.57kg 7.7kg
Size 952*286*127MM 920*350*190MM
Range 11-16KM 20-25KM (5500mAh)
Max Climbing Angle 15° 25°
Max Loading 113kg 130KG
Board Deck Material Lightweight wood-core composite 7-ply Canadian Maple Wood 
Wheel Material PU PU
Size 80mm 90*52mm
Hardness 78A 85A (Optional)
Remote Type 2.4GHz Digital Remote Control
Capacity 300MAH
Battery Type Lithium Battery 
Charging Time 0.5~1hrs
Charger Input AC110V—240V AC110V—240V
Output DC41V2A DC41V2A
Charging time 90 min 0.5-1hrs (2000MA High Current Output)
Others Waterproof&dustproof grade splash resistant IPX4
Anti-Fire level   V0


First of all, Kooboard and Inboard have much in common.

1, Both build-in brushless Hub motor system

2, Easy Swappable lithium battery

3, Battery could be recharged separately

4, Different riding mode (Inboard M1 4 class, Koowheel Onyx 2 class)

5, Regenerative braking system

Kooboard VS Inboard M1 Differences,

1, Inboard M1 deck Lightweight wood+core composite 6.57kg

    Koowheel Onyx kooboard, 7 layer Canadian maple wood, 7.7kg

2, Max Speed: M1 38km/h, D3M 43km/h

3, Battery capacity: M1-43.2v, 2250mAh(97w), Kooboard-36v, 5500mAh(198w)

4, Wireless remote control Inboard M1-Bluetooth connection; Koowheel Onyx kooboard 2.4GHz connection. 

Last but Most:

5, PRICE!!! Inboard M1-1399usd; Koowheel Onyx kooboard-649usd

Well, in conclusion, Inboard M1 and Koowheel Onyx kooboard their swappable battery design really awesome! With 2 batteries M1 mileage 22~32km, Kooboard 40~50km! Even though M1 build-in battery design looks more high tech and artistic, But Koowheel have longer mileage and faster speed than M1, most important is price! M1 cost Double as a Koowheel Onyx kooboard. For me, Koowheel is my best choice, which one you'd prefer?