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Hub motor VS Belt-drive Electric Skateboard: Koowheel Skateboard VS Evolve Bamboo GT

Hub motor VS Belt-drive Electric Skateboard: Koowheel Skateboard VS Evolve Bamboo GT

December 24, 2019

Hub motor VS Belt-drive Electric Skateboard: Koowheel D3M VS Evolve Bamboo GT

Model Kooboard Electric Skateboard Bamboo GT
Picture Koowheel electric skateboard Evolve Bamboo GT
Price   $599 $1,399
Battery Capacity 36V, 5500mAh (Max 42.5V) 36V, 6500mAh
Battery pack Swappable No Swappable
Motor Type 350watts*2 1500watts*2
Dual-driver Brushless Wheel-hub Motor Dual Belt Motor
Max Speed 45km/h 36km/h--42km/h
  Range 20-25KM (5500mAh) 30-35KM
Max Climbing Angle 25° 25°
Max Loading 130KG 100kg
Wheel Size 90*52mm 83mm
Hardness 85A (Optional) 76A


As all we know, in-wheel hub motors is new technology, it was used on electric skateboards on 2014 (Koowheel D3M launched at 2015) since then the electric skateboard community has had continuous argument about which kind electric skateboard motor system is better.

For me, I preper In-wheel Hub motors more. I’ll give you the reasons why!

1, In-wheel hub motors have less maintenance, and high efficient;

2, Lightweight. it allows you kick pushing easily like regular skating when your battery dies

3, Quiter. Hub motor is very quiet when belt engine making lot of noise.

4, Short Braking distance. Hub motor could brake the wheel at once while belt-driven motor have to transmitted to the drive belt first and then the wheel.

Koowheel Onxy VS Evolve Bamboo GT

1, Koowheel Onxy price $649, Evolve bamboo GT price $1399, double as Koowheel

2, From the specifications, Kooboard max speed faster or same with Evolve Bamboo GT, while 45kph vs 42kph

3, Koowheel Onyx kooboard have swappable battery which could extend your range to 40-50km with an extra 5500mAh battery.

Well, what’s your choice?

Koowheel electric skateboard